Saturday, June 19, 2010

You ALWAYS Forget Something

I have a theory that you ALWAYS forget something when traveling. There is just too much to remember. So, what really matters is that you forget something less important. Things like your passport, appropriate clothes, and electric converters are hard to live without and may cause you problems.

What I forgot this trip (and then remembered AT the airport) falls in the category of something you can live without. No Jet Lag Pills. These are amazing natural little pills. You chew one (they are tiny and taste sort of like candy) every two hours while flying. I tried them a few trips ago and I think that they really worked. I guess they fall in the category of "nice to have". It is not terrible that I forgot them. In fact it may be a good scientific experiment. Now I can really tell if they make a difference or not. I think they do.

Several people asked about how long the trip would be ahead of time and all I could say was long, but here is the correct answer. It is a good math problem. We left our house in Austin, TX at 5:30 am on Friday and arrived here in Israel at 9:30 am on Saturday. So, that is a long time, but there was also a long layover in Newark and a time change. Our flight to Newark was 3.5 hours, Then we had a 4.5 hour layover, then we had a 9.5 hour trip to Israel. Check out the time zone difference on the clock on the sidebar.

A new friend from iEARN , an International organization that connects students all over the world with really interesting projects picked me up at the airport. More about her and iEARN tomorrow. She will be my host for a few days.


  1. You're awesome, girl. Without the little magic pills, I hope you stayed hydrated. That helps a lot too. If you ARE jet lagged, enjoy the excuse and get some rest after all the lost sleep hours getting ready for the trip.

  2. It is 8:30 am the next morning and I slept like a log, so I guess my sleep rhythm is OK. Today we are going to visit a school that is for Israeli and Arab kids together. I guess it is sort of like a bilingual Spanish-English school only with Hebrew and Arabic. More later!

  3. So, I confess, I'm just getting caught up with you. How cool that a friend from iEARN will be your host! I hooked a teacher up to that site this year. Unfortunately, she resigned, but I now have an art teacher also interested in getting involved with this site!


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