Saturday, June 26, 2010

Questions from Kids

After reading the questions from the kids in Wisconsin we have some questions here that we hope they can answer. Each person had more than one question, so we are going to send them a few at a time. They are very curious about how your lives are the same and different.

Their questions are in the same order of their pictures from left to right.

Michlin wants to know:
  • Which day is the best day of the week for you and why? 
  • Sometimes classes are boring here. Do you enjoy all of your classes?

George wants to know:

  • What time do you eat meals?
  • We can't travel freely. We cannot go to Jerusalem, which is only 1/2 hour away. Do you have freedom to travel where you want?

Henriette wants to know:

  • How many classes do you have each day?
  • Do you have a kitchen at your school?

Khader wants to know:

  • What time do you go to school and what time do you come home?
  • Do you have the right to choose what classes you want to take (freedom to learn what you are  or do you have to study specific things?

Danny wants to know:

  • What rights do children have if something bad happens at home? 
  • What do you do for fun outside of school?

The children here would love to have you come to visit and see the sights here.  They all have email accounts and some of them have Facebook accounts in case you want to be a friend.


  1. What an amazing experience you're having. I can't wait to get together when we're both back and hear all about it. You're a real ambassador education and peace. God be with you. Bonnie

  2. It is turning out pretty well. So interesting! But I do get tired of being the only one who does not speak Arabic. I guess it is like being deaf. All sorts of talk goes on around me, but I don't understand a thing. I am starting to recognize words that I hear often like "aiwa" and "lo" which mean "yes" and "no".

  3. Those are some great questions - the class talked about the answers and here's what they said...

    1. Students like Fridays and Saturdays - Fridays because it's the last day of school for the week, they know the weekend is coming, they can stay up late, and some families have pizza and movie night; - Saturdays because there is no school, they can stay up late and sleep late, they can stay in their pajamas (PJs) all day, and they can hang out their their friends

    2. They said sometimes classes are boring but other times they like them - lots of discussion on this question!

    1. During a school week, most eat breakfast at home around 7:00, lunch at school between 11:30-12:30, and dinner at home between 5:30-7:00

    2. They can travel wherever they want in the US; to go to other countries they need a passport

    1. These 9-11 year olds have reading, writing, spelling, math, science, and social studies classes; in addition they have classes we call "specials" - music, art, physical education, library, and French or Spanish

    2. We do not have kitchens in our two elementary schools; however there are kitchens in the middle school and high school where lunch is prepared for students who want to purchase it there

    1. Students start school at either 8:05 or 8:15 and finish at either 3:05 or 8:15 depending on which of our two elementary schools they attend

    2. They do not have a choice of what to study in elementary school except to choose if they want to be in band or orchestra; they do have choices in middle and high school but do need to take a certain number of academic courses to graduate

    1. If something happened, they would tell their parents, teachers, guidance counselors, or church leaders

    2. They like to do lots of different things: video games, bocce, soccer, American football, tennis, swimming, baseball, ice hockey, la crosse, reading, playing with friends

    We have been thinking of more questions to ask you so will post them here tomorrow or the next day. The computer in our summer school classroom had a virus today so we hope it get fixed soon!


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