Monday, June 21, 2010

The Wi'am Center

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I found out that all of you readers were not able to comment without logging in. It was a setting that I had not changed. Now it is changed, so I hope you will all comment!

Well, I made it here. I am writing in the exact lab pictured in an earlier post. We took the bus this morning from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and then we were picked up by a taxi at the bus station in Jerusalem and the taxi brought us here.

When we got to the Wi'am office they offered to get us falafel sandwiches. Falafel are like meatballs, but they are made with ground chick peas. They are delicious. The balls are fried and then put into a pita bread with lettuce and sauce. It is messy to eat, but tastes very good. It was good to see people that we had met last year.

It is REALLY hot today. The center has thick stone walls and cement floors which help keep it a little cool, but it is still hot.

Tomorrow I will meet the kids and we will start making videos. I think we will do a quick one and then start planning for their final one that we will put on YouTube and on this blog. Keep your eyes tuned to this station!

Soon I will include a recipe for something like rice krispy treats made with halva. My friend Ruti made them and they are really good, healthy, and easy to make.


  1. Halvah is yummy. I am curious to find out how it would work in Rice Krispy treats. I am interested in finding out how Halvah is made. We have a market near us that sells fresh pistachio halvah - yum, yum. The kind you buy in a can in the grocery store is OK, but not as good.

    Food, my favorite subject. See if you can find out what to do with Lavash, sort of like large thin flour tortillas. I have had rolled “sandwiches” made with Lavash. I wonder if there is anything else in particular. I tend to eat it plain.

    So far I have not seen a picture of any travelling companions – like Dill or Bucky that accompanied you for parts of your trip last year. Did you bring anyone along?

  2. So far I have not seen any Lavash. I think it must be from some other country or area. There is a lot of pita bread though!

    I don't have a traveling companion yet. Maybe someone will join me and hitchhike through the experience. We will see...


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