Monday, June 14, 2010

Countdown 4 more days!

At church this morning the kids at Sunday School asked me lots of questions. I could answer some of them, but there were others that I could not answer. Here are the questions.

1. Do you have a passport? YES

2. How big is Israel? It is pretty small. Here is a picture of the size of Israel compared to the USA.
3. What language do they speak? In Israel they speak Hebrew. One Hebrew word is Shalom. That is what people say when they see each other. In Bethlehem they speak Arabic. Merhaba is a word that they use to say "hello".

4. What food do they eat?
One thing they eat is falafel. Falafel are fried balls of ground chickpeas and they are really yummy! They put them in Pita bread and eat them like a sandwich.

5. How do they dress? If you look at the videos on the Wi'am YouTube channel you can see that most people dress like we do. Some of the women wear head coverings.

6. What kind of birds do they have? I will have to find out!

7. What do the children play? I will ask them and put a game up here for you to learn about!

8. When are you coming back? On July 18th

9. Are you going in a boat or a plane? On an airplane. See tomorrow's post for something showing where the plane will go.

Thanks for the great questions. I look forward to getting more of them in the comment section!

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