Friday, June 25, 2010

Women's Computer Class

First I want to show you a calendar. Can you tell me what is wrong with this calender and why it is that way?  If you want to, write a comment under the blog with the answer!

Yesterday I started working with the Women's Group at Wi'am teaching computer. It is so much fun! Some of the women have never used a mouse and others have Facebook Accounts. Most of them have children who use computers easily and even have computers at home, but they do not know how to use them because no one will teach them. They laugh and talk so loud. They are very friendly.

Notice in the picture that women here do not wear traditional Palestinian clothes. They dress like we do. Some of them speak or understand a little English. I think that all of them now have email accounts and have signed up for Facebook! Their homework tonight is to become my friend on Facebook. 

The children are doing well with their videos. Today they practiced using MovieMaker. Tomorrow we will start planning their final videos. Tomorrow I will post their questions for the students in Wisconsin.

Today is Friday which is the Muslim Holy Day. This is a picture of a minaret. Today there is someone broadcasting a sermon from the minaret. We can hear him all over town. Tomorrow is the Holy Day for Jews (sabbath) and Sunday is the Holy Day for Christians.

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