Friday, July 2, 2010

Water Shortage

It has been very hot here and so there are a lot of problems with water. Some people have not had water for several days. The way water works here in Bethlehem is that the water comes through pipes in the ground like we have at home, but it does not come every day, so people have tanks on their roofs to collect the water when it is running. In cool weather it works well, but when it is hot there is not enough water. I think that it evaporates and maybe people need more water. This is a picture of some tanks on the top of the house.

This afternoon I saw a bunch of kids getting water in bottles and bring them back to their house. 

Below is another video that the kids made!


  1. The class enjoyed looking at the video - we talked about how the playground there does not have as much equipment as the playgrounds here. We also noticed there are not many trees or plants growing there. Is your school going to add on more equipment to the playground?

  2. We don't know about getting more equipment. I know that they would like to plant more trees and get some sort of safety ground cover. This is a summer program, not really a school. The Wi'am Center has many programs all year for women and children and teens.

  3. The earth, the ground looks white and dry... I'd like to know how food is grown, and what is the typical meal like?


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