Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Food-Yum Yum

We finished our first videos today and put them on YouTube!  I am embedding one here. 
I will try to embed one each day!

I thought you might like to know what I have been eating for lunch. Most days I work with children and women in the morning and then at lunch there is someone here who collects our money and brings back some food for us all. 

Yesterday we had Shwarma. This is sort of a sandwich wrap with either chicken or lamb meat, vegetables and some sauce. The meat is cooked in a very interesting way. It is all put on a long pole that turns around and around and cooks. It is so hard to explain that I took a picture of it. The meat is sliced off and put into the wrap. It is pretty yummy. When we have Shwarma there are usually a few side dishes. One of them is pink cauliflower. It is pickled. They also have pickles, hot peppers and french fries. 

 Every day several times a day someone offers me coffee or tea. When we have coffee it comes in these small glasses. It is water boiled with really finely ground coffee. The coffee is pretty strong. It seems like people here do not drink it with lots of sugar.

On the way home yesterday I took some pictures of things that I saw along the way that I thought were interesting.  One of them shows the store that you would go to in order to get spices. 


  1. Fun Videos! I think you should go find the place the bread is made and try some. It looked good!

    The video had music and showed a man taking fresh bread out of a brick oven. After a minute? the picture went black and there was no sound, then another minute? and the music started playing, but there was no picture. Then it ended. I hope I didn't miss anything.

    I decided to try and watch it from youtube directly to see if that would make a difference, but it didn't. While I was there I watched some of the other videos.

    The videos about the Wi'am center were done with captions in English. It showed quotes that were a part of the artwork and they were also in English. One of them had a person speaking and he spoke in English. Do people speak mostly English in their normal day?

  2. You didn't miss anything on the video. This was the only one where the person who made it did not change the length of the music to match the end of the video. I decided it was too much work to try to redo it and upload it again.

    English is definitely not the main language that I hear around here. Many of the people here speak or understand some English. I helped the kids with the titles on their videos. They put English so that because most people in the world know some English.

  3. My friends from Wisconsin wanted to know more about the bread, so I asked the kids this morning.

    The bread is called Kaick. When the kids heard the questions about it they sent their father to get some for me to try.


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